Revolutionizing cargo transportation

Flugauto has the vision to transform the way people and goods are transported in metropolitan areas and the megacities of tomorrow, by leveraging a unique and proprietary design. Our autonomous and fully-electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle, outperforms all conventional technologies available in the market today in both payload capabilities and range

Our Technology

We Are A World-Class Team Of Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Aviation And Business Experts

Who we are 

As the team designing and manufacturing eVTOLs, our multi-disciplinary team of passionate entrepreneurs and aviation experts has come together to develop and commercialize technology that will revolutionize transportation of cargo. Collectively our team has research and work experience with leading academic institutions and technology and business corporations including NASA, Airbus, Google, BMW, IBM, McKinsey & Co. and Stanford in the USA, Europe and the Middle East


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